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Introducing AntenaZINE


Thank you so much!

First, thanks for all your kind words on my previous experiment:

Quick experiment: Antenna to ePub

I received many messages on Mastodon, email and IRC. I'm glad you liked this alternative way to read your favourite content in Antenna on a weekly basis and with an ebook reader.

Also, you sent many ideas on how to take the concept to a next stage. Thank you again!

I enjoyed a lot creating that quick script, and I kept thinking about what could be next for a cool project I could work on next year. Let's see!

First step: Open Source the experiment

You can play with it here:

GitHub - antenna-to-epub

It's my first Open Sourced project in years. I'm open to fixing anything to comply with licenses, and with collaborating with the goodwill of the community. Please send any feedback, pull requests, and make any improvements you feel are needed.

I added a few things. Now you can have an 'Allowed list' of URLs (more on that later), and you can change the Atom feed you are gonna read to create your own EPUB files.

I decided to use GitHub since everything I do at work is there, but I know there are better alternatives for the Smol net. Again, I'm open to your advice and recommendations.

Step 2: AntenaZINE, Why?

My main concern was taking the content from Antenna and derivating content. It's a matter of respecting permissions, which I think is more than important in this community.

We have seen multiple ideas of caching the content for private use or even creating a 'mirror' when we refer to something and want to avoid losing the content in the future.

~ew's FlightLog - Link Rot

I think grouping selected content on an ebook format is also a tool to preserve cool and interesting ideas, that can even be archived for next weeks or even years.

So... AntennaZINE is hatching and it will start with the content of the first week of 2022.

Do you want to be in?

I was looking for simple ways to check if I could take the content and make derivated works. The simplest way I found is having an 'Allowed list'.

Send me a message on Mastodon, Twitter or email with the URL of your capsule or site, and I'll add it to the list. A reply on Antenna or a Pull request on 'allowed_urls.txt' is cool too!

Every Monday the content from the previous ISO week (Monday to Sunday) will be packed into MOBI and EPUB files and shared here.

A preview of AntenaZINE


(This is an example using all the available content, not the Allowed list, since it's empty)

A note about licenses for the eZINE

We will use:

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)

I was researching for a while, and there is not a silver bullet that could cover all the cases, although I think CC BY-NC-SA represents most of the ideas behind current content on Antenna.

If you request to be in, you allow your content to be used every week, until you say otherwise so.

To allow your content to be derivated, I recommend to use a compatible license and mention it in your footer or main page:

Step 3: ???

Enjoy! =)




Send me your feedback to

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