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2022-07-17 [ES] Recalibrando...
2022-06-26 [ES] Reflexión de 2020 a 2022 creando juegos
2022-05-22 [ES] Un año más... (may2022)
2022-05-15 Re: The Disappearence of Sincere Conversations
2022-04-29 Promoting the use of dynamic passwords
2022-04-14 Re: The game por Aarón Benitez
2022-03-18 [ES] 6 años creando cosas. ¿Mejor de lo que esperaba?
2022-01-25 Re: Why Do Corporations Have to Grow?
2022-01-09 My favourite strange clocks
2022-01-09 My take for the Hobbyist Net in 2022
2021-12-26 Introducing AntenaZINE
2021-12-23 Re: Sustainable creativity in a world without copyright
2021-12-19 [ES] Gemini en Español y Re: a Yretek
2021-12-17 Re: Do you ever feel stuck in a loop?
2021-12-15 [ES] Sobre impresoras térmicas
2021-12-04 Advent of Books 2021: 3dec2021
2021-12-03 Advent of Books 2021: 2dec2021
2021-12-02 Re: I Want My Next Phone to Have a Headphone Jack
2021-12-02 Advent of Books 2021: 1dec2021
2021-11-19 [ES] Escuchando Podcast en el auto, hace 15 años
2021-11-17 Quick experiment: Antenna to ePub
2021-11-14 Personal summary for an online week (2021-w46)
2021-11-11 [ES] Leyendo a Cory Doctorow
2021-11-06 Ranting about rants 😠
2021-11-05 Re: Localized Programming Languages 💻
2021-10-29 Re: Compact Discs (and replies to replies) 💿
2021-10-15 Re: Attended the IndieWeb Homebrew Website Club Meeting
2021-10-11 Writing on a plane ✈
2021-10-09 Re: Friendly Reminder That Antenna Runs on Submissions
2021-10-09 Quick ideas about 'isms' and ownership
2021-10-07 Stupid rant about writing in English
2021-10-07 Re: The Appeal of Online
2021-10-05 About writing fast - Part 1 - (Shorthand, languages and philosophy)
2021-10-02 Re: There are Only Two Timezones
2021-10-01 About writing (in sep2021)
2021-09-26 Writing in 2021 - A delayed explanation
2021-09-23 Buying useless stuff
2021-09-14 About measuring and communicating time
2021-09-13 Crafts, Toys and Inventions
2021-09-13 Hello